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Re: IConnect Corp Debian any good?

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Benedict Chong wrote:

> I bought infomagic's devel resource for the debian stuff and
> apparently it's broken.

Which Month/Year developers resource do you have. I used the
December 1996 with few problems. The base system installed fine.
Had some troubles due to X-windows, but these were not unique to
Infomagic. I also have the April 1997, but have not installed a
complete system from it. Perhaps if you posted your problems, 
someone could tell you how to work them out.
> So I'm looking at getting something from iconnect (www.i-connect.net).
> Are their cdroms any good? Has anyone ordered from them?
> All I want is a basic debian linux system set up with X and PPP
> support so that I can download new stuff.
> Ben

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