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Re: NIS is broken in Debian 1.3!

Both the server and the client machines have libc5 version 5.4.23-4 and 
libc6 version 2.0.3-4. Let me give you an example of what's happening on
the client machine:

~> ypmatch rover passwd
~> su rover
su: user rover does not exist  

However, the /etc/passwd file in the client machine ends with the line
+:::::: Shouldn't this work?

So, the NIS binding process is ok, but all system utilities (like su,
ls, passwd, etc.) in the client machine are unable to see the NIS maps.

Jim Pick wrote:
> > Does anybody have a NIS installation running ok with Debian 1.3? I would
> > appreciate if any one can help me figure out what's going on.
> It works here.
> I'm not sure what your problem is.  What version of libc5 are you using?
> Cheers,
>  - Jim
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Pedro I. Sanchez

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