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Re: NIS is broken in Debian 1.3!

At 05:14 PM 1/06/97 -0700, Jim Pick wrote:
>It works here.
>I'm not sure what your problem is.  What version of libc5 are you using?

I think he's right Jim - I did a fresh install, made sure I was using the
latest versions of libc and the like and I can't setup a _slave NIS
server_.  I can however set up an NIS client.

What makes it even more perculiar is that I have a Debian 1.1 system that's
the master NIS server, which I upgraded to 1.2 and now, to 1.3 - that
works.  I also had an NIS slave server that was Debian 1.2, which I
upgraded to 1.3 and that works fine too.  However, as I said, a 'fresh'
install of 1.3 (and making sure there's nothing later in bo) I can't setup
a slave server.


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