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What happened to seyon and xoj?

Because I keep a (very) partial mirror of Debian on a machine at work
(which is not Net connected), particularly the Packages files, I track
changes to the Packages files closely.  Recently I've noticed at least
2 packages have disappeared from the pre-hamm distribution.  They've
stayed that way for days so it's not just a mirror sync problem.

The seyon package no longer exists in the non-free section, and
grepping through bo's Contents file doesn't find it either.  It is in
hamm/non-free/comms/seyon_2.14c-4.deb, and according to the package
information depends on libc5 and not libc6.  Why does it no longer
exist in the stable/frozen version of non-free?

The xoj package also no longer exists in bo/binary/games, though the
Contents file for bo still shows it.  There is a version of xoj in
unstable/binary/games/xoj_1.01-2.deb, but it depends on libc6 so it
can only be used on an hamm system.  Why did the libc5 dependent
version disappear from bo?

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