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Hi there ... just installed frozen, and I love it.  I've been cleaning
up my log files, config files, and generally poking around ... so I
tried to enable shadow passwords.  Here's what occured:

 endor:/etc # shadowconfig on
 grep: xdm: No such file or directory
 sed: can't read xdm: No such file or directory
 Please correct the error and rerun `/usr/sbin/shadowconfig on'

Ok ... why does xdm have to be present?  This server is a production web
server ... 99.9 percent of the work is done via telnet/ssh.  Actually
most of the connections are www, ftp, etc.  I guess what I'm saying is
*I* don't particularly care about X on this machine ... it's not
supporting dedicated users.  If I understood X better I'd probably use
it and export to an xterm, but for now I want shadow passwords :)

I looked at the script and figured I could comment out the lines
pertaining to xdm ... but I need some opinions.  Is this a bad idea?

(Admitting cluelessness pertaining to all things X)
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