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Re: Really good looking screen savers....

On Wed, 7 May 1997, Sam Ockman wrote:

> Anyone know of any really good looking screen-savers...something like
> xlock, but that looks more like something Microsoft will have in Windows
> 97?
Hmmm, screen-savers should be activated when there is no activity, in
other words when no one is near the screen, hence there is no meaning
for a screen-saver to be good looking. Imho a blank screen or even
better a shut off monitor is the best screen-saver. In most xservers
this is built in.

I can see one reason to have a good looking screen saver in a lock
program, that is if you are showing computers to a public audience
which is allowed to walk around freely among the computers.

I'm sorry but this doesn't really answer your question, but I so
irritated of all "cool" cpu-time-eating screen-savers...

> Thanks,
> Sam


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