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Newbie Debian + X Questions


I just finished installing Debian 1.2 and after downloading all the
necessary packages for X Windows I decided install X  too. I've never
worked with Linux/Unix before btw so everything is new to me.

Considering the horror stories I read on the net I was prepared for
the worst but within the hour I had everything up and running (kind of
at least).

X Windows gave me some problems which I can't seem to solve. If I
configure X everything goes fine until I have to use Xvidtune at the
end to select my display mode. I use the S3V Server because I have a
Diamond 3D 2000 (not my fault, it's a temporay replacement).

The problem is that if I change the display to anything else but the
standard 1284*1024 the Xconfig file won't be created. I immediately
get the question if I want to setup X again after Save & Quit

If I don't try to change the display setting and leave it to the
current one (which my monitor can handle but has a bad refreshrate)
the Xconfig file is written and configuration ends as normal.

But everytime I start X I'm stuck with the 1284 mode and I want to use
the 1024*768 mode. 

The other problem is not very important (I think/hope) but I can't
start X with the XDM command (which is recommended by the setup prg).
It runs fine (apart from the display problem) if I use STARTX.

I want to setup X right before installing window managers (I heard
Afterstep is a good one?) or other programs.

Excuse my ignorance if I missed something obvious but hey, I'm new to
all this! [g]



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