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Re: Amiga Filesystem mounting bother.

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Brian Skreeg wrote:

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> >      I couldn't try anything with FFS yet (anything but some floppies I
> > could not mount, see my question below), but I think there is a chance
> > that you should try mounting each single partition on a single mount
> > point, as you do with any partitioned disk, that is: NOT /dev/hdd but
> > /dev/hdd1, /dev/hdd2, /dev/hdd3, /dev/hdd4. 
> Nope, the problem is definitely the kernel not recognising the partition
> table on bootup. So god knows whats wrong. I`m gonna rip the drive out,
> shove it back in the miggie and analyse the drive with reorg. Possibly
> the old AFS filesystem I was using on a couple of partitions has rearranged
> the parition table.
> >      QUESTION: which filesystem is on Amiga FLOPPIES?
> >      Now your question made me curious and I tried mounting some Amiga 600
> > floppies, say just the Workbench ones and not games, to be sure not to be
> > dealing with strange filesystems. (Actually, I have a communication
> > package for Amiga here on the PC, I got it from a BBS, and it would be
> > nice to give it to my brother's Amiga just via floppy.) I tried both the
> > following:
> > 
> >      mount -t affs /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
> >      mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
> Amiga formatted floppy disks (ffs for an A600) cannot be read by any
> machine other than an Amiga without some extra hardware. This is due
> to an inferiority in PC floppy controllers. ;)
> >      Actually, the affs filesystem support here is currently configured as
> > a module, but this works quite fine for hpfs and msdos (and a lot of other
> > things such as PPP). Just to be sure, after I send this message I
> > immediately try rebuilding the kernel with affs support 'Y' and not just
> > 'M'odule. But the answer is probably that floppies do have another kind of
> > filesystem and you won't see any appendix to this message with "it works" 
> > inside. 

In fact, the problem is that the Amiga doesn't use the partition tables as
linux or ms-do$,but uses what is called the Rigid Disk Block

You can find a patch for the kernel to recognise the RDB when mounting an
amiga hd,called jb-affs-1.0 (can be found at tsx11.mit.edu)

...sorry for the way I talk ....

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