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Re: Needing Help...

Mauricio Sarria wrote:
> I'm a not very aqueinted person with LINUX and I have been trying to
> install the 1.1.4 version of Debian GNU/Linux in a Micron Transport XPE
> laptop.
> In the process of installing the software, the Installation Boot disk
> finishes satisfactorly, but when the Installation Root disk is requested
> the Panel suddenly shuts off. I have used an auxiliary Monitor and I have
> been able to continue the installation, but I have not been able to solve
> the initial problem.
> The Micron laptop uses a Cirrus Logic 7555 PCI 1.10, but the same problem
> arose with an older Micron laptop using a Cirrus Logic 7548.
> If someone could give me a hand with my problem I would appreciate it very
> much.

I had this exact same problem with an NEC Versa notebook. I never
did figure it out but I gave up because the thing was a piece of
crap anyway. At least you know you're not alone, huh?

Jens B. Jorgensen

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