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Re: Audio, Printer queue and Mouse button

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Daniel Karlsson wrote:

> 3) How can I make my middle mouse button work. I've tried all options in the
> configuration, but none of them works.

If you have read the appropriate MINI-HOWTO and tried all possible 
combinations of mouse type * {gpm,XF86Config} options, killed gpm, 
restarted X and unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in again with the 
button depressed, then you know what I too have been through.

My three button mouse claims to be "mouse systems compatible" tho (ahum)

I found that I could get the middle button working only if I either:
-rebooted the pc holding the (left?) mouse button depressed;
-unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in with the button depressed;
-took up the soldering iron and connected two pins of the controller ic 
in the mouse (this is described in the MINI-HOWTO.)

The first and second options are pretty annoying. The third works great for 
linux, however the mouse could not be used in windos anymore.

In the end I decided that I had had a good afternoon's fun and had picked
up some fair skills in rodent epidemiology and -heart surgery, but bought a 
Happy Mouse from Genius anyway. 

They're quite reasonably priced and work out of the box on both linux and
windos. If you can find a mouse with a 2/3-button switch, those work fine 
too, I guess.

Good luck,


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