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I'm getting some errors while compiling after upgrading my system
recently (and no I have no idea what was actually upgraded.  it was
from unstable (yea I know), and I baiscally let dselect choose).
Anyway doing `locate ctype.h' on my machine gets me:

When I leave it like this I get an error
In file included from conftest.c:2:
/usr/include/ctype.h:1: No include path in which to find ctype.h       

When I change the first line of /usr/include/ctype.h to `#include
<linux/ctype.h>' I get:
/tmp/cca256631.o: In function `read_c_string':
/usr/local/src/apps/editors/emacs/xemacs-20.2-b2/lib-src/make-docfile.c:347: undefined reference to `_ctype'           

(so it looks like _ctype isn't declared in libc)

OK... What I'm wondering is.  What do other people have on their
systems, and what does it look like?  Is there a

Thanks for any help

@James LewisMoss <dres@dimensional.com> |  Blessed Be!
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/usr/include/ctype.h is:
#include_next <ctype.h>

#undef isalnum
#define isalnum(c) (isalpha(c) || isdigit(c))

/usr/include/linux/ctype.h is:
#ifndef _LINUX_CTYPE_H
#define _LINUX_CTYPE_H

#define _U	0x01	/* upper */
#define _L	0x02	/* lower */
#define _D	0x04	/* digit */
#define _C	0x08	/* cntrl */
#define _P	0x10	/* punct */
#define _S	0x20	/* white space (space/lf/tab) */
#define _X	0x40	/* hex digit */
#define _SP	0x80	/* hard space (0x20) */

extern unsigned char _ctype[];
extern char _ctmp;

#define isalnum(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_U|_L|_D))
#define isalpha(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_U|_L))
#define iscntrl(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_C))
#define isdigit(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_D))
#define isgraph(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_P|_U|_L|_D))
#define islower(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_L))
#define isprint(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_P|_U|_L|_D|_SP))
#define ispunct(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_P))
#define isspace(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_S))
#define isupper(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_U))
#define isxdigit(c) ((_ctype+1)[c]&(_D|_X))

#define isascii(c) (((unsigned) c)<=0x7f)
#define toascii(c) (((unsigned) c)&0x7f)

#define tolower(c) (_ctmp=c,isupper(_ctmp)?_ctmp-('A'-'a'):_ctmp)
#define toupper(c) (_ctmp=c,islower(_ctmp)?_ctmp-('a'-'A'):_ctmp)


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