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Re: Copying a system (Was Re: Directory permissions.)

Rick Jones <rickya@siservices.net> writes:

> The reason I opted for mc in the first place was for the ability to tag or
> untag directories to avoid copying /proc and the /mnt directories.  Since
> it had the option to retain UID's and GID's I thought it was a safe
> option.  I backfired on me which I think is a bug and will report it as
> such.

You could avoid proc and mnt like this:

(cd / && \
 find `ls | egrep -v 'proc|mnt'` | \
 afio -o - (cd wherever && afio -i -))

This should move all directories from "/" to wherever, ignoring proc
and mnt and preserving all permissions.  You could also use find's
-prune option instead of the nested ls, and you could use find's
-mount option to avoid mounts like /mnt, or -fstype to avoid nfs or
other filesystems.


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