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dead end?


I've gotten bogged down with my installation of debian, could really use
some hints to get me going again.

I have a working system, i boot off a floppy and can log in, cruise my
directories, even run the c compiler. There are a few things missing,
and when I run dselect or dpkg, I get lots of error messages. The most
significant seem to be "bash: command install not found", and
...configure not found". Where should these commands be? It's kind of a
pickle because I don't see how to add anything if there's no install
command - but how did everything else get installed???

I had to download everything via ftp because of some problem with my
CDROM. ( I have the infomagic 6-CD set but could not successfully
install any of the 3 distributions!)

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Larry James

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