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Re: dead end?

Larry James <lcj@aa.net> writes:

> Hi,

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> and when I run dselect or dpkg, I get lots of error messages. The most
> significant seem to be "bash: command install not found", and
> ...configure not found". Where should these commands be? It's kind of a
> pickle because I don't see how to add anything if there's no install
> command - but how did everything else get installed???

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> Any ideas would be appreciated!

There is a link missing from one of the perl packages.  Go look at one
of the files that "it says is missing."  It's actually there - for
instance, do a "which install-info" as root, and it will say
"/usr/sbin/install-info".  If you look at first line that file, you
will see that it is a perl script.  If you go look for /usr/bin/perl,
then my guess is it's not there.  So, make a soft link from
perl5.<whatever> to perl.  (Someone correct if this is a bad solution,
please.  It's what I did!)

So, do a:
cd /usr/bin
ln -s perl5.00307 perl

(as root of course, and this assumes your perl5 binary is perl5.00307)

> Larry James

This bug, and xbase not putting /usr/X11R6/lib into ld.so.conf seem to
be the biggest of Debian 1.2.  (They are pretty big bugs, IMHO, but
with this list or a decent knowledge of linux, not TOO hard to figure

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