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Re: [INSTALL]:novice questions

On Sat, 26 Apr 1997, Pavel Galynin wrote:

> Hello,
> I am now a proud owner of a Debian Linux box! I just finished installing
> the base system, everything went almost flawlessly, cool. Now I have a
> copule of novice/lame, whatever you like, questions:
> 	1. For some reason, my up/down left/right keys produce weird output to
> the screen. Why? I have US keyboard, everything SHOULD be fine.

I've not heard or seen this before.  TERM type maybe?

> 	2. I need to install all the other stuff, what is the best way to do
> that? I have a ppp 33.6 connection. I am probably going to install a lot
> of stuff.

I installed everything via ftp with my 14.4 (don't laugh) it took about 20
hours.  If you do the math, it will probably take you in the area of 8
hours, with a true 33.6 connection.

> 	3. When I tried to install drivers for my CD-ROM (mitsumi), the install
> didn't see my cd-rom, what can I do about it?
> 	4. I have a bunch of other peripherals, where do I get drivers for
> those?
> 	5. Could you give me some pointers to info about building a kernel with
> custom drivers, lilo config etc., all the novice questions, so that I
> could RTFM and not bother people on the list with stupid questions.

Get the kernel source pkg.  Do make config (line oriented) or make
menuconfig (fair menu with help) or make xconfig (GUI menu needs X).

After you select all the drivers etc.. you want save and type the
following at the console prompt:

	make dep ; make clean ; make zlilo

and if you have modules

	make modules ; make module_install

> 	TIA,
Man this ^ chic, Tia, gets around.  Who is she?



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