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[INSTALL]:novice questions


I am now a proud owner of a Debian Linux box! I just finished installing
the base system, everything went almost flawlessly, cool. Now I have a
copule of novice/lame, whatever you like, questions:

	1. For some reason, my up/down left/right keys produce weird output to
the screen. Why? I have US keyboard, everything SHOULD be fine.
	2. I need to install all the other stuff, what is the best way to do
that? I have a ppp 33.6 connection. I am probably going to install a lot
of stuff.
	3. When I tried to install drivers for my CD-ROM (mitsumi), the install
didn't see my cd-rom, what can I do about it?
	4. I have a bunch of other peripherals, where do I get drivers for
	5. Could you give me some pointers to info about building a kernel with
custom drivers, lilo config etc., all the novice questions, so that I
could RTFM and not bother people on the list with stupid questions.


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