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Can't login to bo

     After upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3 I cannot login to the system. Each time
I type root at the prompt and then password there is a short pause and then
I am returned to the login promt again. None of the other passwords work
     Dselect seemed satisfied with the installation after about 3
runthroughs to get everything and the messages at bootup indicate only minor
errors eg. cannot find font file /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/cyr_a8x16.
     I used init 1 at the boot prompt and was able to login to sulogin and 
look at the new installation. In /etc I found a file login.access with
everything commented out so I added '+:root:ALL' at the bottom and then ^D
to enter run level 2 but that didn't work either.
     Any help including suggestions on what to read to resolve this problem
will be appreciated. I have read the man pages on login and all its xrefs
to no avail. Is there a document which describes the boot process step by
step specifically for this release? ie 1.3 bo. I am using kernel 2..0.30.

     Thanks Rick 


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