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Please help me!: No Network answer

At installation of debian I had problems with the internet.
I have typed in all the figuers that shall be inside, still
it dosn't work. I checked twise at etc/inet.d/network all
seems to be correct.   After that  I even changed Ethernet 
cards. from A ne2000 card to a 3com Ethernet link III card
but no difference. (Rebooted the computer, with new drivers
and with a new reload of the Linux) Nada. -Both drivers seems
to find correct hardware) Then When the installation shall progress
to the next stage of setting up a NFS / FTP client then again nada.

So I went back to the network file in ETC/init.d and tried to findout
what happended. Then The gateway aderess is correct, and the IP adress
is correct. But Hey, I never got an qestion about in the installation. DNS 

And by the way - whatis NETWORK adresses??

Can someone give me a hint on where to search. We are having internet
connection on a 64Kbit line with 70 Pcs on this network based on
Novell 3.2 

I also want to report a unvalid link in the introduction package
of "How to install" This link points to a Dselect manual...

Marcel Bos


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