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Re: Critical "Times" article

>I'll have to agree with Rick. I cannot believe that this person is
>a journalist !?!?  I could tell right away that he did alot of research
>on the subject ! :)

Come on guys... step outside our little linux circle and think about it.
Linux is *vastly* unfriendly for people who know little about their
computers and simply want things to work.

What the author did wrong was that he missed the bigger picture and was
hugely unflattering of the Linux community in general.  As far as his
comments of computer geeks goes he was <achem> a little ignorant, and very
insulting.  As far as his comments towords Linux's worth (especially as a
server) he was <achem> a little ignorant, and very insulting.  But as far
as his comments torwards Linux's suitability for "average Joe's" desktop he
was basically on the money.

For all of those of you how do tech support for windows/mac imagine trying
to talk one of those users you teach how to click the start button and go
to "Programs - Accessories - Dial-up Networking" to install Linux.  I
shudder and feel sick at the prospect.

For us our computer is a tool that makes our lives easier and opens up a
world of information and friends around the world.  Because of this we use
the best tool for the job.  For most people their computer is a necessary
evil that they would banish to the broom closet if they tought they could
get away with it.

Lets not make either of our lives harder by trying to force Linux on them.


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