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Re: 16650

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Hsieh <steveh@eecs.umich.edu> writes:

    >> > I'm certainly interested because I intend to be getting a
    >> byte runner 16650 > card and ISDN TA in a about a week.

    Steve> Something to think about before getting a 16650
    Steve> card... From the 2.0.30 kernel serial.c:

<patch for problem with 16550 chip clipped>

I think that most 16550 cards sold today (and fitted to most machines
are the 16550A - if you notice the rest of the code around that patch
you'll see that there is a test for 16550A first then 16550 (if I
remember what I've read a while ago rightly the 16550 was a bodged
version - then 16550A was released which fixed the problem),


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