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>  > I'm certainly interested because I intend to be getting a byte runner 16650 
>  > card and ISDN TA in a about a week.

Something to think about before getting a 16650 card... From the 2.0.30
kernel serial.c:

        } else if (info->type == PORT_16650) {
                 * On the 16650, we disable the FIFOs altogether
                 * because of a design bug in how the implement
                 * things.  We could support it by completely changing
                 * how we handle the interrupt driver, but not today....
                 * N.B.  Because there's no way to set a FIFO trigger
                 * at 1 char, we'd probably disable at speed below
                 * 2400 baud anyway...
                fcr = 0;

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