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2.1.35 works [was: kernel 2.1.3x?]

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997 21:16:19 -0500 (CDT), Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> said:

Douglas> I just compiled a fresh 2.1.35 kernel for my home machine (IDE-based).
Douglas> When I try to boot this kernel, either from the IDE disk or from a
Douglas> floppy disk, I get the messages about uncompressing the kernel, then
Douglas> "now booting the kernel", then nothing.  Well, actually not nothing.
Douglas> There is a whole lot of disk activity on the IDE disk at this point,
Douglas> even when booting off the floppy.  When I eventually halt this and
Douglas> reboot an old kernel, it has to fsck my disk partitions because they
Douglas> look dirty.

I ran into the same problem myself, but luckily I also ran into the
answer in comp.os.linux.development.system: in the newest kernels,
virtual tty support is optional, and is not on by default (don't ask
me why). The system boots ok, but it doesn't have a console :-)

Use 'make oldconfig' when you're configuring the kernel, or do the
normal config routine and remember to turn virtual console support
on. 2.1.35 works ok for me over here -- I don't use modules, though,
so can't comment on that.

BTW, if anyone can tell me what my /etc/init.d/network should look
like with the new kernel, I'd be grateful. Things seem to work ok, but
/sbin/ifconfig and /sbin/route are giving me warnings at boot time.

Well, life on the bleeding edge is always interesting :-)


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