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Re: kernel 2.1.3x?

I have a working 2.1.31 kernel that I compiled.  Some of the modules, 
such as vfat and serial, load ok but scsi_mod has missing symbols 
that prevent my aic7xxx from loading.


Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Anyone having much luck with 2.1.3x?
> I'm running 2.1.29 and it's fine, except that the nfs module doesn't insert.
> But no luck with 2.1.33 or 2.1.35; both have lots of missing symbols
> on all the hardware drivers, probably relating to PNP support.
> I just ftpd the whole 2.1.35 source and the new modutils 2.1.34
> and will see how it goes, I have been patching up.
> Anyone else having this? Nobody in the linux.dev.kernel group
> (or the mailing list) seem to have mentioned it.
> Hamish
> --
> Hamish Moffatt, StudIEAust                    moffatt@yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au
> Student, computer science & computer systems engineering.    3rd year, RMIT.
> http://yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au/~moffatt (PGP key here) CPOM: [****      ] 42%

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