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Re: pcmcia support, debian 1.2, NEC versa 6030H

The error message is misleading, to say the least.  The problem is 
most likely that between the kernel and the modules, one is compiled 
with CONFIG_MOD_VERSIONS set and the other is not.  To fix it you 
could install the kernel sources, run "make menuconfig", and 
compile the kernel and modules:

make dep
make clean
make zImage
[Test the new kernel.  I copy it to my dos partition and 
	use loadlin.exe after booting Caldera opendos.]
make modules
make modules_install .

I have done this several times and I am 'C' illiterate.


Dan Pritts wrote:
> hi all,
> recently installed debian linux 1.2 on my NEC versa 6030H
> after installing the .deb for pcmcia-cs and pcmcia-modules-2.0.27 (my
> kernel, the default installed kernel, is 2.0.27 according to uname -a),
> the card stuff comes up at boot time but tells me, among other errors:
>  Loading failed!  The module symbols (from linux-2.0.27) don't match your
>    linux-2.0.27
> Any suggestions, short of grabbing the pcmcia source and building
> it myself?
> I do believe I have correctly loaded the kernel-2.0.27 package, although
> I may be wrong.
> Anyone know if this is fixed in 1.3?  If so, and the "late april"
> release for such will be on time, I'll just wait.
> thanks,
> danno
> dan pritts
> Unix System Admin      First Virtual Holdings, Inc.
> danno@fv.com           313-213-3791

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