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Re: afterstep...

I must apologize that I have not replied to this earlier, but I only
read debian-user occasionally and have been busy lately.  I am the
maintainer of the AfterStep package, and must say that my 1.0pre6
package (with debian version .99pre6 to work with the dpkg version
ordering scheme) was uploaded to Incoming on master.debian.org on March
27, the day after it was released upstream.  It unfortunately waited
there a long time for reasons unknown to me.  It is now in the main
distributions of both bo (frozen) and hamm (unstable).

I would encourage all Debian users of AfterStep to use the Debian
package.  (Unless of course you have unusual requirements and need a
specially compiled version.)  With the exception of a few weeks out of
the year when I am away from my machine, I plan to get future releases
of AfterStep Debian packages out promptly, and I think that testing and
constructive suggestions will make the Debian system stronger.  If the
current Debian package fails to meet your needs in some way, please let
me know.


On  4 Apr, A. M. Varon wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Paul McDermott wrote:
> What i did was get the AfterStep-1.0pre6 as an rpm from www.redhat.com.
> I then installed it in my debian box using alien, and... it worked
> perfectly. You have to edit some configurations to suit your needs. 
> I'm really impressed with dpkg and alien... 
> andre ---
>> On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Magic wrote:
>> > me have only one - maybe dumb ;) - question... Where is
>> > AfterStep-1.0pre6 ???
>> > Thx!
>> >                                           Magic
>> > ---
>> >  Artur Zaworski, Computer Center, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland.
>> > email: magic@pg.gda.pl http://www.pg.gda.pl/~magic phone(office): 47.27.88
>> >                 Wszystko, co nieznane, uchodzi za wielkie.
>> > 
>> > 

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