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cron not started?


I recently discovered that cron is not running on my system.  The
cron package I have is version 3.0pl1-36.  In the man page it

       cron is started automatically from /etc/init.d on entering
       multi-user runlevels.

However, when I try to find the cron process with ps, I get nothing:

$ ps -ax | grep cron
 1540  p5 R      0:00 grep cron  

I also found that a job I submitted to the at queue wasn't
processed and stays there.  Probably what is missing is a number
of symbolic links of the type /etc/rc?.d/[SK]??cron pointing to
/etc/init.d/cron.  Has anyone seen this problem before?  what
should be the S?? and K??  prefixes of the links to the cron

Thanks in advance,

Eric Meijer

 E.L. Meijer (tgakem@chem.tue.nl)          | tel. office +31 40 2472189
 Eindhoven Univ. of Technology             | tel. lab.   +31 40 2475032
 Lab. for Catalysis and Inorg. Chem. (TAK) | tel. fax    +31 40 2455054

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