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Re: (Fwd) What is System.map for ?

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997 23:17:02 -0000 "Martin Bialasinski" 
(Martin.Bialasinski@uni-koeln.de) wrote:

> I have build a custom kernel.deb package and successfully installed 
> it. The package also installed a System.map file. Obviously this file 
> has some symbol to memaddress infos and is different in a kernel with 
> different .config file.

Yes, it's used by klogd when a kernel ooops occurs, it gives a stack 
backtrace with the function names (more useful than addresses).

> I just wonder why the map option is a systemwide option in lilo. So 
> if I boot the previous kernel, the wrong map gets loaded.

The map option in lilo has nothin to do with the kernel map. It's the HD's bootloader map. Don't touch it or you'll have big big problems :-)
Read the manpage for lilo.conf...


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