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Re: Memory Gobbler

On Sat, 19 Apr 1997, Harmon Sequoya Nine wrote:

> I was looking at how to recompile the kernel to get it to recognize memory above 64M,
> and it said you should have at least 512K of cache to do this...

Yes I have read that too.  However it does see the memory (when I put
"mem=128M" on the boot line). I'm not sure that cache isn't the problem,
though.  It went so well for 3 weeks, then started to go downhill.  This
w/e it killed itself completely!  I arrived yesterday afternoon to find
the screen filled with messages "out of memory for bash"  and other
commands too.  There was no response from any means, so I had to push the
reset button and start again....bummer! 

Another thing that might be relevant is what I read in "man bootparam".
Linus says that some machines might reserve the top of RAM for BIOS
cacheing (or something like that) and so to allow for this, I've booted up
this time with "mem=126M".  I thought that maybe I tramped all over
some important memory before....maybe I'm completely off track.

I am trying to get some more cache, but it's proving difficult.

Richard Shepherd (r.shepherd@waikato.ac.nz)

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