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Re: netstd_2.13-1

On Apr 20, Adrian Bridgett wrote
> In article <[🔎] 199704200709.CAA17896@juliet.fnal.gov> you wrote:
>  > /etc/inetd.conf gets wiped out by some package, but i still haven't
>  > figured it out which one is the culprit. this means that none of your
>  > daemons (telnet, ftp) get started, so you can't log in remotely. i
>  > don't think netstd is the problem, but i could be wrong.
> It is one of the removal scripts of CVS, *DO NOT* remove cvs as it will wipe
> inetd.conf :(

Only to clarify this ...
It's only valid for the versions CVS 1.9-{1,2,3} (all versions only in
unstable). If you have one of
these versions installed edit the cvs.postrm in
/var/lib/dpkg/info/cvs.postrm and comment the line 
update-inetd --remove "^"

This line removes every entry in your inetd.conf otherwise. After
an upgrade of cvs check then your inetd.conf for any superfluous
entries of cvs.



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