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Re: compiling C source for HP850C ghostscript driver from OS/2 or DOS on Linux

   Date: Fri, 18 Apr 97 20:24 GST
   From: Alan Eugene Davis <adavis@saipan.com>
   To: debian-user@lists.debian.org

   MOre than once I have tried compiling C source on linux, using gcc,
   that generated alot of error messages, including many concerning
   backslashes at the ends of lines.  An example is an existing
   ghostscript driver for the HP850C Deskjet into ghostscript.  The main
   problem I had was with this source code, that I suspected was
   developed on MSDOG or OS/2.  It had a lot of "^M" like characters in

   Can anyone provide the slightest clue?   What's special about MSDOG
   source code files that would result in many error messages?  At least
   a clue, otherwise, what I tried to do was delete all "^M" chars and
   all backslashes at the ends of lines.  Even this wasn't enough.

In C code, a backslash at the end of a line is a special hack.  What
it usually means is "replace the backslash, newline, and immediately
following whitespace with a single space".  When the C parser sees a
^M following the backslash, it gets upset.

What you should do is replace all instances of ^M^J with ^J (i.e.
delete all ^M characters appearing at the end of a line).  DO NOT
delete the backslashes, because they are important.

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