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Re: Compaq Smart Array Controller

> I need to put a UNIX on a Compaq Proliant 800.  I use Debian 1.2 at
> love it, but I have a question about hardware compatibility.
> Has any installed Debian on a Compaq server with a SMART2/P Array
> Controler?

About the SMART2 controller, I've heard that it has a
(NCR)|(Symbios)53c875 on it and should be recognized given the prober
drivers are compiled in. I don't know how you can access RAID-features,
but I think it's completely transparent from the OS point of view (aren't
all those things taken care of by the board itself and can't you configure
them by using the cards BIOS?).

I'm curious about the SMART RAID-controller from compaq (ie. version 1).
Anybody got some info on that one?


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