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Re: "Press any key to see message: e..."

On Apr 18, Shane D. McAndrew wrote
> I have a strange problem whilst reading the debian-user mailing lists with
> my mail reader Elm 2.4 PL25 and metamail 2.7-15.

The "unstable" tree now has "elm-me+", which has better support for MIME and
PGP than plain old elm; you might want to use that (or "mutt", which is
somewhat elm-like and has a number of very nice features).

> The next messages, marked with a "P" produce the following error when opened-
> Press any key to see message: e, and can't access the PGP keyring
> ...so then I go ahead and press a key, and the message source is
> displayed. Yes, it does sound like a configuration problem, but can
> someone tell me why about 50% of the debian-user-digests are marked "M"
> and the rest are "P" and sometimes "S"? I can't see any pattern, I
> would expect them to be all one or the other.

It might have to do with the way elm categorizes them. 'P' and 'S' are for
messages which use PGP. Unlike mutt, elm uses only one character position to
give this information; maybe 'P' or 'S' override 'M'?

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