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netscape won't use disk cache?!

The problem: netscape seems to be refusing to use disk cache.

Some details:
Debian 1.2 (based on Infomagic Dec'96, various upgrades)
netscape_3.01-4.deb used as installer for:

It's configured (under options etc) to use disk cache; it creates the 
directory ~/.netscape/cache if necessary, and the file index.db;
there _is_ free space on the disk ...
But no other files ever appear in the cache directory, and pages are not
cached between sessions.

Things which didn't help:
- (re)moving ~/.netscape (ie to reset user-config);
- using different user (including root);
- purging and re-installing netscape package.

I started getting paranoid and wondering if I ever had netscape 
using disk cache, but backups from my previous Slackware install
(and netscape 3.0) _do_ show cache files.
So I tried the 3.0 netscape binary that I had used with Slackware
(from netscape-v30-export.x86-unknown-linux-elf.tar.gz)
and it still didn't use disk cache!  

Which suggests to me that there is something wrong with my setup which 
netscape doesn't like (and which was ok under Slackware), rather than, 
eg, a problem with the Debian netscape-installer.

Any ideas?  

I'm using a modem, so it's rather annoying to wait to download files 
which should already be on my hard drive...

-- David Pfitzner

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