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"Frozen" Upgrade Troubles


I'm upgrading 1.2.x to Frozen.  Here's a log of some trouble I had, in
case anyone's interested:

* I had to rename 'unstable' to 'frozen' in the packages list for any
of the files to be found.

* The group permissions on /usr/lib/X11/fvwm2 are '6000' (not in /etc/group).

* fvwm2 blew away my /etc/X11/fvwm2 configuration files with empty
ones, without asking or warning me.

* Emacs complains "Cannot open load file: tex-site", and doesn't read
the file I specify on the command-line.  Why is a configuration file
full of TeX-specific stuff part of emacs, rather than TeX?  (I removed
all of TeX and the problem remained; commenting out the line "(require
'tex-site)" in /etc/emacs/site-start.el at least allows emacs to start

* The info files documenting emacs are mostly missing.

* Bash now requires a ';' before the closing '}' in a 'function'
definition; I saw no documentation for this, or any other changes from
the old bash to the new one.  Is there a general, "Note the following
changes to fundamental tools" file somewhere?

* tetex installation wouldn't proceed until I removed a bunch of old
tex packages manually.  After doing so, it came up with another one
that had to be removed manually (that wasn't in the first list).  This
package was dvipsk.  The instructions said that I could have used
dselect's REMOVE to do it, but that didn't work.

* I'll find out later if dvips is included in one of the tetex
packages, but if it is it isn't apparent; dvipsk wants to load in the
old tex stuff.  [dvips did get loaded with the new stuff.]

* Some files weren't able to be found on ftp.debian.org:

getting: non-free/binary/xv_3.10a-11.deb (1096742)
non-free/binary/xv_3.10a-11.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/tex/tetex-doc_0.4pl6-1.deb (4923348)
getting: frozen/binary-i386/tex/tetex-extra_0.4pl6-3.deb (3161912)
getting: frozen/binary-i386/x11/afterstep_0.99pre4-1.deb (475210)
frozen/binary-i386/x11/afterstep_0.99pre4-1.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/interpreters/cpp_2.7.2.1-7.deb (83802)
frozen/binary-i386/interpreters/cpp_2.7.2.1-7.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/libs/tk42_4.2p2-2.deb (525404)
frozen/binary-i386/libs/tk42_4.2p2-2.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/admin/alien_3.1.deb (20506)
frozen/binary-i386/admin/alien_3.1.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/devel/binutils_2.7.0.9-2.deb (857538)
frozen/binary-i386/devel/binutils_2.7.0.9-2.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/base/base-passwd_1.3.0.deb (3102)
frozen/binary-i386/base/base-passwd_1.3.0.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/doc/manpages_1.15-2.deb (713640)
frozen/binary-i386/doc/manpages_1.15-2.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/devel/gcc_2.7.2.1-7.deb (2368526)
frozen/binary-i386/devel/gcc_2.7.2.1-7.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/tex/tetex-base_0.4pl6-4.deb (1543110)
getting: frozen/binary-i386/shells/tcsh_6.06-13.deb (199720)
frozen/binary-i386/shells/tcsh_6.06-13.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/base/shellutils_1.16-1.deb (317814)
frozen/binary-i386/base/shellutils_1.16-1.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: frozen/binary-i386/tex/tetex-bin_0.4pl6-7.deb (1475988)

Processing downloaded files...(for corrupt/old/partial)

Do you want to install the files fetched [y]: 

Pete Harlan

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