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DEITY TEAM -- A suggestion or request

My needs might be better served if there were an easy way to instruct dpkg
to install the  binaries on a different filesystem, like a zip disk.  There
is probably a way to do this easily, but I haven't figured it out.  Have to
do links by hand?  THe config files, and so on, should go in the regulary
places.  Maybe more experience with system admin will suggest a way to do

For example, on my tiny machine, any package of a megabyte would put me in a
pinch, but I might want to use slrn or yorick intermittently.

Alan Davis
 Alan Eugene Davis      Marianas High School      15o 8.8'N       GMT+10        
 adavis@saipan.com      AAA 196 Box 10,001        145o 42.5'E             
                        Saipan, MP  96950                        
                        Northern Mariana Islands       

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