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Re: "dselect" replacement project ("deity")y

> This is the real issue.  If you could select the 'high level' groups
> and only deal with the components if you want the option it would
> be fine.  But if I select a group I want it to mean 'install what
> it takes to make this work', not 'tell me about some other things
> I need to do first in some unknown order'.

It would be really nice to have some highlever package order, like
some commercial UNIX vendors have. For example one might have the choice
to install everything as it suits himself or choose some highlevel packages
like a KDE environment using Dutch locales or a OpenLook environent or just
good old non-graphic install. It makes it much easier for newbies. We need
some hierarchy in the package structures.

> Les Mikesell
>   les@mcs.com

Best regards,

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