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Re: cua /ttys

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, Kevin J Poorman wrote:

> hi
> Ok I have heard from one source that the cua* devices are being kept
> up... and from this list that the cua* devices are not being kept up...
> and that we should use the ttyS* devices ... and comments ...
> -kevin

Not too long ago, I was chastised for using the "/dev/cu word". I have had
no problems with my newer test installs using ttyS* for the /dev/mouse and
/dev/modem symlinks. Probably there are some old FAQ's and HOWTO's that
differ. Maybe even some of the other distributions. From what I remember,
I believe that one potential problem involved the proper locking and
unlocking of the resource. If it was only accessed as a ttyS*, the problem
was eliminated.

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