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Re: Auto updating the hardware clock on shutdown.

miquels@cistron.nl (Miquel van Smoorenburg) writes:

> Now what might have happened is that you have your CMOS clock running on GMT.
> Some BIOSes try to be smart and update the CMOS clock when you boot if they
> see DST has come into effect since the latest reboot.. You should be able to
> turn that off. If not, you loose :)

%^*&*%$%! You get the prize.  I just realized that I've rebooted to
windows once since the time change, and now I recall it telling me
that it was fixing the clock for daylight savings.  I was busy at the
time, and so I didn't think anything of it (actually forgot about it),
but your comment reminded me that it, of course, screwed up the
hardware clock which was on GMT.

Serves me right for running that beast :>


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