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Bug Report (installing bo)

I've installed bo today from scratch.
I found several bugs :
( a=annoying,  B=bad,  F=fatal)

I boot with the rescue disk, 
install the base from msdos drive,
install the packages whith ftp (dselect/ftp). from 'frozen non-free contrib'

Here is the list of the bugs + what I did to solve them 

B : install.txt doesn't tell I need base1_3.tgz.
	solution: boot win95 and re-ftp
a : Wrong date on the first screen (Feb. 12 instead of Ap. 4)
F : Packages.frozen tells that the packages are in unstable.
	but unstable doesn't exist. bo or frozen is correct.
    solution : sed -e '/unstable/s//frozen/' Packages.frozen > Packages.f;
	mv Packages.f Packages.frozen

a : I still have to export PAGER=less to view man-pages decently
    seems the system-wide config-files could be better.

a : xbase-configure leaves me with a non-working startx. I use xf86config 
    and everyone is happy.

a : This tetex problem is terrible because I must wait 2 minutes each 
    time it occurs (checking for old ........................)
    'dpkg --purge texinfo' works fine anyway, but dselect hadn't 
    deselected texinfo apparently. Perhaps it should. 

a : xmixer: Can't open /dev/mixer: No such device
    I'll look at this later
    Sorry, the problem is that I have to recompile in order to get sound 
   support. I'd have done it anyway, but it'd have been cool to have sound. 
   I suppose there are too many options in the sound driver...

a : there is no dependency, but xbase-configure fails if I don't have xfnt75

Go on, guys, only one day to install. Cool.
Seriously, with some fixes, it will be a great product.
Not like Solaris 2 that came with -r-xr-xr-x /home    . 

There is probably a better place to post this, but I hope it will go
to the right persons.

Don't hesitate to reply. I spent several hours to install (and download), 
I can take a few minutes to read mail.

In hope this is usefull,


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