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Re: Paging/memory allocation problem

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, Alastair Gregory wrote:

> Has anyone experienced the following problem?
> I recently installed Debian (from Stable disks I obtained
> from debian.org a couple months back) on a Compaq Deskpro 50M
> EISA box with 8MB RAM and a 340MB drive, 2 LAN cards
> (SMC ELite 16 and Ultra) and an Orchid Fahrenheit
> video adapter. This is a 486-50, I believe.
> Installation went fine (except that the install menus
> were as slow as molasses).  I only installed the base
> system - no additional packages.I booted the machine
> into multi-user mode, logged in as 'root' and left it
> running for a day or so.
> Returning to the machine after a couple of days, I saw a
> screenful of messages like:
>   "Couldn't get a free page....."
> and finally, at the bottom of the screen:
>   "Out of memory for bash."
> I Alt-Fkey'ed to other virtual terminals, but couldn't log on.
> I haven't been able to re-create the problem, but left it
> on over the week-end. I hope it's still running when I get to
> work tomorrow.
> One possible explanation: my EISA config was out of sync
> with reality, because someone had nicked memory from the machine.
> I have since run the EISA config utility and fixed it.
> TIA,
> Alastair Gregory

Unless you don't have (enough) swap space. Use the free command to see
what is happening.

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