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ANNOUNCE: New Logo and Feedback Page for the Debian Logo (v11)


Hi folks!

I just installed the new Debian Logo Page (v11) today. You can have a
look at it via


The new page contains 35 new and 11 old logos and uses HTML forms to
make it easy for you to tell us your opinion.

We collect all the comments we get this way and make a ``feedback
page'' out of it. The current version contains 302 comments. Thanks a lot
to all that told us their opinion!

Thanks a lot to all who submitted a logo so far! Our plans are to have an
official logo until the next Debian release.

If you think you can make a better logo or have a nice idea feel free to
send me your drafts. We have set up an extra mailing list for discussing
these issues: debian-publicity@lists.debian.org

Our plans are to have a collection of, say 20 nice logos soon, so that we
can start an election. Since we don't have much time left we would appreciate
it if people would try to improve the old logos instead of making new ones.
So if you want, just take on of those old logos, have a look at the comments
at the feedback pages and try to improve it.

The feedback page for the current logo page (v11) will be released on
Sun Apr 20, 1997.

The next logo page (v12) will be installed on Sun, Apr 27, 1997, the
dead line for logo submittions is 10:00am MET DST (+0200) this day.



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