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Re: "dselect" replacement project ("deity")

> You have to take the good with the bad.


> It would be nice to have a perfect
> linux distribution but it will never happen. 

In that case it seems like the world would be a nicer place if
you could mix-n-match things from different distributions easily.
Unfortunately it isn't all that easy.  I'd like to have a system
where everything knows about shadow passwords, the ndbm emulation
uses gdbm, and a one-disk nfs installation works the first time.

> You can install groups in dselect also.  Just select the line that describes
> the group and mark it for install or hold.  Generally the normal install is
> already marked for install.

I tried several times (over NFS) and it never completed.  That was
probably a month ago - perhaps it is fixed now, but I have RedHat
loaded.  I'll try again on the next machine if shadow support is
available by then.  What I'd really like is the ability to load
.deb's into a redhat or slackware base.

Les Mikesell

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