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RE: bi


On 12-Apr-97 Jason Costomiris wrote:
>I never said the various emacsen couldn't do it.  I find emacs very
>confusing.  47 bazillion different "modes" to do everything, a googleplex
>of command key sequences, and sucks RAM like it's going out of style.
>Sounds like something straight out of Redmond.  Even the modes lack a
>redeeming quality, being written in LISP a language that uses more
>parentheses than actual code.
>> Why go back to a command shell editor when I can use a GUI editor?
>You want a GUI so bad?  gvim.
>> vi had it's time.  Time to move on.  There are better editors now.
>Better for who?  I like vi.  Who are you to tell me that I can't use my
>favorite editor?  I even have a copy of vim on my PowerBook.

Sorry.  I was watching these vi msgs go back and forth and had to jump in and
make it worse.  I think everyone should use whatever they want to.  I agree
100% about emacs.  I have better things to do than to memorize all that crap.
 That's why I use the GUI version, menu's.

After seeing remarks like - tell them to use jove, if they can't handle it
give 'em a pencil and eraser.  I wanted to jump in.  vi-hards try to make
those that won't use it look like less than they are or something.  A persons
choice of editors has nothing to do with what they can do on a *nix system.

I think the original reason for this endless thread was to discuss the best
editor for a base install.  One of the points I tried to get across is that a
newbie won't be able to use any editor that isn't either similar to an M$
editor (not edlin) or that doesn't have a menu of some kind, such as ae.

Anyway.  Sorry for raising your blood pressure.

Have a good one.

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Date: 12-Apr-97                                                                                                Time: 02:37:47
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