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ANNOUNCE: Public Desktop Environment

You might be interested in the following announcement of a public desktop 
environment for Linux (and other OSes).


Dan Evans

            Freedom Desktop Lite Announcement (1.01)

We are pleased to announce the public availability of the Freedom
Desktop Lite. Freedom Desktop Lite is an easy-to-use yet
powerful desktop environment/GUI  integrated to the Unix
environment. It  combines ease of use and advanced  features to
help users interact with Unix quickly and efficiently.  Freedom
Desktop  runs transparently in a variety of Unix environments,
from Desktop computers (i.e. Linux)  to enterprise workstations. 
Copies of Freedom Desktop Lite in binary or source code form may 
be retrieved from ftp://fsw.com/pub/fdlite

The Freedom Desktop Lite environment bundles the following

- File Manager

_ Program Manager

- Print Tool

- Find Tool

- Editor

- Terminal emulator

- Pixmap/Icon Editor

- Screen grabber

- Screen saver

- Rolodex

For more information feel free to visit http://www.fsw.com/fdlite/index.html


Freedom Desktop Team

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