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Bridging: Can I...

I'd like to bridge our Token Ring and Ethernet LANs using a 133 Pentium
running Linux 2.0.27, with a 3Com319 TokenLink and SMC Ultra NIC cards,
and bridging SW developed by Chris Cole.  Both NICs recognized and
reachable with "ifconfig" (tr0 at addr 0xa20 and eth0 at 0x280).

Problem is that the TokenLink card is identified as tr0 and I'm not sure
how to _either_ change the bridging SW to use eth0 and tr0 _or_ change
the tr0 to eth1 so that I can attempt to bridge???

I've tried aliasing in conf.modules:

alias  eth1 ibmtr    

And tried adding the following to lilo.conf to force TokenLink

append = "ether=11,0xa20,eth1"

Neither worked???

Haven't a clue as to modifying brcfg options.  Any one have this
I've read the mini's on Bridging, Token Ring, Module-HOWTO but at a


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