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Re: Configuring Xfree86 for X display

I would try one of two things.  First run SuperProbe and see what linux 
sees your card as.  Edit your XF86Config file to reflect what you have 
learned from the SuperProbe.  Second run the XF86Setup program check the 
video card data base to see if the card is in their.  If it is it will 
tell you the various settings you need to set to get it working.  
I hope this helps but if it doesn't don't blame me.  The usual disclamer.

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On Sat, 5 Apr 1997, THEMBA MFANA WASE ROOIPORT wrote:

> Hi good people
> I am new in the group and I a novice in the linux world. I would like to ask
> for help in configuring the X windows interface in linux. I have attempted but
> with no success. I have 200Mhz Gateway pc with an STB Virge/VX 4MB 3D PCI video
> card. The Xfree86 display conf. file has a lot of STB chipset listing and I
> have no idea which one matches my card (no one specifies Virge/VX). I would
> appriciate you help on this one.
> Themba
> Themba Bhungane

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