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Re: lilo.conf--vga=ask doesn't; APM

Hello Douglas and Carey,

On 03-Apr-97, Douglas L Stewart wrote
>On 4 Apr 1997, Carey Evans wrote:

>> APM support can be in a 2.0.27 kernel if it's compiled in.
>> Recompiling your kernel isn't too bad, if you make sure you have all
>> the information about all your hardware and use "make menuconfig" or
>> "make xconfig".  make-kpkg is supposed to make it easier too, although
>> I haven't used it.

>If your current setup works, you don't need to know anything about your
>hardware.  Just keep hitting enter when running "make config" until near
>the end when it comes to APM.  Just turn it on and keep hitting enter,

Thank you for your suggestions about recompiling the kernel to include
APM support. Could I ask you a follow-up question to your messages?

I have tried running 'make config', 'make menuconfig' and 'make xconfig',
but I always get the same error, "No rule to make target 'config'".
Running 'make -p' shows no entries under the "Make data base", which I
suspect is related to the error message. 

I hope this isn't an utterly ignorant question--I am trying to read as
fast as I can, but Unix just seems to be getting bigger and more complex
at an equal or greater rate. ;-)



Nikolaj Richers, North York, Canada, nrichers@nexus.yorku.ca

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