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Re: lilo.conf--vga=ask doesn't; APM

On 4 Apr 1997, Carey Evans wrote:

> APM support can be in a 2.0.27 kernel if it's compiled in.
> Recompiling your kernel isn't too bad, if you make sure you have all
> the information about all your hardware and use "make menuconfig" or
> "make xconfig".  make-kpkg is supposed to make it easier too, although
> I haven't used it.

If your current setup works, you don't need to know anything about your
hardware.  Just keep hitting enter when running "make config" until near
the end when it comes to APM.  Just turn it on and keep hitting enter,

   make dep;make clean
   make modules
   make modules_install
   make zlilo

and you should be fine.  You'll probably want to get the apm (apmd?)


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