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"power_saver" and Dead Monitor

Ok, last night I decided to put the "power_saver" option in my XF86Config. 
It made sense since I had a power-saving monitor and a Number 9 Motion 771
Graphics Card. (In addition, windows 3.1 drivers did this automatically for 
me, so I felt it was legal)

The next morning, I woke up. The monitor was in power save mode. Great! 
Move the mouse, I hear it warming up... Great! But then I notice that the
screen is one big line. Further testing showed that my monitor's scan beam
wasn't moving horizontally. 

So, now I'm going to replace my monitor. My question, though, is could it
be the "power_saver" option that killed it? I'd really like to have the
power_saver option running, but if it's going to blow future monitors...

Ideas/opinions welcome.

                Michael K Patterson, HP Software Engineer 
   My opinions do not represent those of HP. If they do, it's coincidence. 
                URL: ftp://col.hp.com/html/mike/home.html

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