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1997-03-16 disks

1997-03-16 boot floppies report.

A trial install here revealed some facts/errors as follows:-

1)  The resc144 disk still claims to be 1.2 and build 1997-02-12.

2)  Need to open up vc2 and:-
	mkdir -p /lib/modules/2.0.29
    prior to running the item "Installing the Operating System", else I
    get the message:  "Can't open /lib/modules/2.0.29/modules.dep."

3)  All attempts to install modules resulted in the message:-
    "Segmentation fault
     Installation failed."

4)  /etc/init.d/boot still tries to run ./modules but the actual script
    is now ./modutils.

5)  /etc/conf.modules finished up with two copies of the normal contents.

Reference item 3, at least one line on one menu wrapped around onto the
next.  It seems that the line line should be 1 less than that available.

Once installed, it all works as well as usual.

HTH and that this is not old news.


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